Chopper Pump


Self-Priming Chopper Pump


Simplify your set-up and reduce your maintenance costs with the Vaughan Self-Primer Chopper Pump. These pumps are designed to handle the toughest solids, while providing a cost-effective maintenance alternative to wet-pit pump installations. Self-primer pumps bring the same Vaughan Non-Clog Performance Guarantee to a maintenance-friendly chopper pump design.

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The only Self-Priming Chopper
Pump in the World.

  • Eliminates use of comminutors prior to pumping
  • Externally adjustable clearances
  • Removable rotating assembly
  • Expedite pumps and parts delivery
  • Written performance guarantee
  • Superior life cycle costs
  • Hardened wear components
  • Trial program available upon request

Ask about our on-site chopper pump demonstration.

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