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The Rotamix® system
Vaughan's Rotamix® system is the most cost effective and lowest Life Cycle Cost process mixing system available for digesters, sludge storage and other high-volume applications. Combining both principles of uniform and vortical rotation, the Rotamix system optimizes solids contact with its unique "dual rotational zone" mixing pattern, plus:
  • Improves volatile solids reduction
  • Increases gas production
  • Reduces sludge volume
  • Saves energy during non-peak hours
  • Allows continued mixing until tank is empty
  • Reduces maintenance by eliminating all rotating equipment within the tank
  • Allows use of single mix pump for multiple tanks and transfer
  • Prevents clogging with the Vaughan® chopper pump
  • Costs less to purchase, install and operate
  • Backed by field-experienced experts
  • Includes 10-Year full Nozzle Warranty
    The Vaughan Rotamix system is exactly what it claims to be — the best mixing system available today. No more issues with conventional systems — just real cost-effective sludge mixing.
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