Flooding is one of the most common and destructive severe weather occurrences in the United States. Water and wastewater treatment facilities in storm-prone regions are especially susceptible to the impacts of floods and these impacts can have rippling effects that cause long-term issues.

Even in regions where pipelines are designed to withstand increased flows from severe weather events, facilities can become overwhelmed. In many cases untreated wastewater can spill into residential areas, coastlines, and freshwater sources contaminating drinking water and posing potential health risks to nearby communities.

That’s why Vaughan Company has developed the Vaughan Chopper Storm™, a fully enclosed stand-alone emergency backup pump solution. For municipal facilities investing in flood resilience, this is the backup pump solution for you.


Pump systems are only as strong as their weakest link, so take the steps necessary to back up your treatment system. With the Vaughan Chopper Storm™, you will experience:

  • 100% lift station redundancy
  • No need to activate switch gear during an emergency
  • Skid mount, sound attenuated
  • Strong pump & engine shell: a 14-gauge solid galvannealed steel outer shell
  • Powered by either diesel or natural gas/LPG/propane
  • Vacuum prime and priming tower and check valve
  • Electronic engine controller with auto start
  • Capable of auto throttling engine RPM in response to changing pressure/flow/pit level
  • Pit level transducer with float back-up
  • SCADA interface via MODBUS Communications
  • Comes with interior & exterior work lights