Not your average chopper.

The Vaughan Chopper Pump is a centrifugal pump equipped with a durable cutting system which chops all incoming solids prior to pumping. Because all solids are chopped as they enter between the cutter bar and impeller vanes, the Vaughan Chopper Pump enables systems to handle more substantial solids while avoiding clogs and wear to downstream components and processes.

All wear components are cast steel and heat treated for maximum impact and wear resistance. These heavy-duty patented components create the ultimate pump for handling severe solids. This same basic concept has been used in Vaughan's vertical wet well design for over half a century.

In industries that require stability and reliable performance, our product’s build quality and history make the difference.
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  • Unique, cartridge-style flushless mechanical seal
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  • Hardened wear components
  • No comminutors needed
  • 6 chopping features
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