The Vaughan Rotamix® system takes hydraulic mixing for sludge tanks, digesters and other high-volume applications to the next level.

The Rotamix dual-zone mixing pattern is a combination of both uniform and vortical fields of flow. With dual-zone mixing, average velocities are higher and steadier. Solids are also prevented from settling in the center. High velocity nozzles also increase the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid, thus significantly increasing the overall mixing effect.

What makes the difference with the Vaughan Rotamix system is the use of fixed nozzle assemblies. Once the nozzle assembly is installed, the nozzles are adjusted to the factory specified angle, and permanently tightened. No additional adjustment is required.

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  • Guaranteed performance
  • Includes 10-Year full Nozzle Warranty
  • Improves volatile solids reduction
  • Increases gas production
  • Reduces sludge volume
  • Saves energy during non-peak hours
  • Backed by field-experienced experts
  • No moving parts within the tank
  • Allows continued mixing until tank is empty
  • Allows use of single mix pump for multiple tanks and transfer
  • Prevents clogging with the Vaughan® chopper pump
  • Costs less to purchase, install and operate

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