If you are managing municipal facilities in storm-prone regions, Vaughan has a clear solution. This fully enclosed pump is a stand-alone unit. It’s the skid-mounted, emergency backup solution you’ve been waiting for.


  • 100% Lift Station Redundancy
  • No need to activate Switch Gear during an emergency
  • Powered by either Diesel (Interim Tier 4) or Natural Gas/LPG/Propane
  • Eliminating pump issues caused by mechanical and electrical failures
  • Available with Manual and Automatic Control System, as well as remote operation and monitoring
  • Capable of auto throttling engine RPM in response to changing Pressure/Level/Flow Transducer signals with backup Float switch operation
  • Skid Mount, Sound Attenuated
  • Strong pump & engine shell: A 14-gauge solid galvannealed steel outer shell

Ask about our on-site chopper pump demonstration.

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